1500 - 3000

The sun you have always wanted: sunshine day and night for accelerated light stability tests.

Two tabletop xenon test chambers allowing aging tests at xenon light exposure. Economical and perfect for laboratories with a limited budget or for small volumes of lightfastness tests. The only small test chamber with control of irradiance via a rotary knob up to a double radiation of that of the sun 1.100 W / m² in the 290 - 800 nm wavelength band. These instruments for exposure to sunlight are easy to use and allow accelerated, reliable and repeatable photostability tests due to the measured and controlled irradiation through an UV irradiance sensor inside the test chamber. Timer to set up to 999 hours of test and totalizer counter.
Indicated for screening new materials for various end use environments, for quality control on incoming materials and components, to conduct routine testing during production and also to test three-dimensional parts. SOLARBOX are compact, affidable and economical systems but with a very powerful xenon lamp allowing an irradiance up to 2 SUN level so to speed up the test when requested or to select irradiance requested by global industry standards.

Irradiance up to 1.100 W / m² enables testing sun resistance to the limit allowed only with very expensive xenon chambers.

Innovative alluminum reflector system for lamp house and test chamber provides uniform irradiance on the sample tray and optimizes radiation output for energy saving.

Timer and counter for accurate control of test sequence.
Rotary knob to adjust irradiance level.
Control system for constant irradiance, compensating for the aging of the lamp.
290 nm. optical filter for maximum UV radiation effect and numerous optional optical quartz or borosilicate filters to simulate the real exposure conditions of your product.