High quality MAGNESIUM and ZINC photo engraving plates are available in thickness from 1 to 7 mm.

Applications: embossing , foil stamping , thermal dies, fabric and leather embossing, rubber stamp master, flexography, plaques/awards, letterpress, intaglio, signage/nameplates, new applications and uses will be developped every year.

Video showing the innovative production line Of COFOMEGRA magnesium plates


Thickness (mm) Size (mm) Quantity x Package (pcs) Plate weight (kg)
1,00 610x457 35 0,50
1,00 610x914 35 1,00
1,50 610x457 25 0,75
1,50 610x914 25 1,50
1,75 610x457 25 0,87
1,75 610x914 25 1,75
2 610x457 25 1,00
2 610x914 25 2,00
2,50 610x457 20 1,25
2,50 610x914 20 2,50
3 610x457 16 1,50
3 610x914 16 3,00
4 610x457 12 2,00
4 610x914 12 4,00
5 610x457 10 2,50
5 610x914 10 5,00
6.35 610x457 8 3,20
6.35 610x914 8 6,35
7 610x457 7 3,50
7 610x914 7 7,00
7 762x1016 5 10,00


With its excellent oxidation resistance and cost effectiveness, zinc plaque is ideal for plaques/awards, intaglio, letterpress and still used also for embossing and thermal dies in some countries.

Comparison between magnesium and zinc plates

Compared to zinc plate magnesium plate has more advantages as follows:
  1. The etching speed is faster than zinc plate.
  2. Magnesium plate is not deformed in the stamping process, heats up quickly and has higher printing durability. Much better hot stamping effect.
  3. The surface hardness of magnesium plate is stronger than zinc plate, close to the copper plate.
  4. Better working environment.
Magnesium plate has light weight, thermal conductivity, heat transfer and heat dissipation, high surface hardness, stripping easy.


Photoengraving is a global industry with a variety of applications. In recent years demand for metal foil-stamping and embossing dies – produced by chemical etching and computer numerical control (CNC) engraving – has grown significantly, primarily in luxury packaging and labeling. Greeting cards continue to be a major market for foiling and embossing. Our magnesium, zinc and brass plates are also used in the following products or processes: awards and plaques, architectural signage, equipment nameplates, textile embossing, membrane switch dies, molds for jewelry, rubber stamps, shoe soles and intaglio printing for invitations and letterhead. New applications continue to evolve as engraving metals play an ongoing role in graphic arts and tooling markets.