Damp Heat

Humidostatic chambers for corrosion tests in a humidity-saturated environment with constant and alternating climate

Our humidostatic chambers are controlled environments where relative humidity is regulated and kept constant. These chambers are used in many industrial sectors, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, automotive and many others, where humidity can affect the quality of products and their durability.


Damp heat chambers for high humidity tests in constant and alternate atmosphere with an internal capacity of 300 liters.

Humidostatic chambers work using a combination of humidity control, heating and cooling systems, as well as air filtration systems to maintain good air quality inside the chamber. They often consist of an internal chamber in which the products to be kept under control are placed, a humidity control system, a ventilation system, and a series of sensors and monitoring instruments for humidity and temperature control. 

 Humidity control inside the chamber is essential to maintain product quality. The relative humidity inside the chamber is controlled by a humidity control system, which may include devices such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or combinations of both. In addition, the chamber can be heated or cooled to control the temperature.


Damp heat chambers for high humidity tests in constant and alternate atmosphere with an internal capacity of 600 liters or 1000 liters.

Carrying out corrosion resistance tests is very important to prove the quality of the products and, therefore, humidostatic chambers are used in many applications. For example, in the electronics industry, these chambers are used for the production of moisture-sensitive electronic devices, such as electronic boards, electronic components and sensors, in order to prevent corrosion and increase the service life of these products. In the pharmaceutical industry, humidostatic chambers are used for the preservation of drugs, active ingredients and chemicals, in order to preserve their quality and stability. In the medical field, these chambers are used for the storage of surgical instruments and medical implants, in order to prevent contamination and ensure the effectiveness of the instruments.


Damp heat chambers for corrosion tests in constant and alternating humidity suitable for performing Kestrenich tests with addition of SO2 gas.

The typical applications of our laboratory testing machines are the quality and life span tests of the product normally in the chemical, metalworking, electronics, pharmaceutical and in general for industrial sectors that require high precision tests, thanks to their complex and specific technology. 

 Cofomegra is one of the leading manufacturers of humidostatic chambers in Europe, mainly thanks to the variety and quality of our products.