Densitometers Colorimeters Glossmeters

Densitometers Colorimeters Glossmeters:

Densitometers for color measurement in reflection for offset and flexographic printing. Transmission densitometers also for UV and opacimeters for measuring percentage of light not transmitted through plastic materials, glass, etc,…. Colorimeters for color measurements in industry, trade and service centers. Glossmeters for checking paints and packaging.


High precision mini densitometer with built in light source. Functions: density transmission up to 6.00 D and very accurate surface measurements.



One of the smallest portable glossmeters ever designed. EN ISO 2813, DIN 67 530, ISO 7668 and ASTM D 523. Gloss measurement using the normally angle 60 ° required in the paper industry: printing, packaging, overprint coatings and their applications.



Colorstriker represents a new generation of color measurement tools in the colorimeter family. It is a compact color measurement tool for industry, commerce and service providers. Data transfer is wireless and via Bluetooth.