Damp Heat Chambers
Horizontal standard model

Damp heat chambers for high humidity tests in constant and alternate atmosphere with an internal capacity of 600 liters or 1000 liters.

Rectangular damp heat chamber, internal volume 600 or 1000 liters, for condensation tests with high humidity at constant climate, strong construction completely in plastic material (PP). Suitable for tests with high humidity 95% - 100% in a constant saturated atmosphere. The test chamber environment is created by water heated to a precise temperature to generate water vapor. Water vapor saturates the air in the test area. Internal chamber temperature adjustable with electronic thermoregulator up to 55 ° C. Cover dome in Polypropylene (PP) with pneumatic opening system. Supplied with 4 bars specimen and 2 panel rack holders (600 liters) or with 6 bars specimen and 4 panel rack holdes.


Corrosion protection systems and materials are tested in the damp heat chamber in accordance with international standards and specifications: ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247, BS 3900/F9, DIN 50017, DIN 55958, DIN 55991, ISO 11503, ISO 6270-1, ISO 4541, ISO 3231, NFT 30-077.