1500E RH - 3000E RH

SOLARBOX E RH are the first small testing instruments allowing simulation and control of all weathering parameters like expensive xenon instruments.



  • Wide band irradiance UV control sensor (300-400 nm) ensures constant irradiance for the whole life of the lamp.
  • Controlled and monitored irradiance up to 1000 W/m2 (300-800 nm) higher than what is required by the standards, allowing to perform also very accelerated tests.
  • Controlled and monitored temperature at specimen tray level with BST (Black Standard Thermometer).
  • Controlled and monitored relative humidity. Ultrasonic humidifier ensures reliable functioning for long time.
  • Sample flooding system for cyclic sample immersion throughout your test program with freely selectable duration.
  • Microprocessor control with 4 lines LCD display. Friendly and intuitive operating system. Free programming up to 15 different test programs. Complete test report is produced for each test you perform simply connecting your PC, press print push button and history of test is printed.
  • Spectral power distribution of filtered Xenon

    A complete range of quartz or borosilicate UV optical filters are available to match sunlight conditions: direct exposure to sunlight (Outdoor); exposure through a window glass (Indoor); Outdoor and Indoor filters with IR coating to reduce infrared radiation on samples.

    Test chamber humidity / temperature graph

    Ultrasonic humidifier is proportionally controlled so to reach and maintain the programmed test condition. Air circulation may be modified by the user; in full closed circuit mode humidity is obtained in extreme high range with negligible water consumption and BST is in medium high range. In partial air recirculating mode BST temperatures of lower range are possible.