1500E - 3000E

The sun you have always wanted: sunshine day and night for accelerated light stability, temperature and weathering tests.

The SOLARBOX offers continuous measurements and controls irradiation and BST temperature during the test. The aging of the lamp and the UV filter are compensated by a control system with UV radiation sensor placed near the samples.

The numerous accessories available allow you to customize your SOLARBOX according to your needs and the standards required by your industry.



Two tabletop xenon test chambers allowing aging accelerated tests at xenon light exposure with the same dimensions as the basic model, but with the following additional features:

  • LCD with 4 lines 20 characters to display the test parameters and program menus.
  • Microprocessor controls for programming the test parameters.
  • Control and monitoring of irradiance.
  • Control and monitoring of black panel temperature.
  • Optional measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity in the test chamber.
  • Free programming, up to 15 different test programs, input via keyboard.
  • Complete test report to print or send to PC.
  • Flooding system for sample immersion.
  • Sample cooling by refrigerated air or water-cooled sample tray.
  • Magnetic stirrer for mixing liquid samples during the test.


A cyclical sample immersion system allows you to simulate the rain effect and exposure to sunlight with high humidity. This accessory is an available option with the possibility of programming the flooding intervals as desired, in the SOLARBOX 1500 E:

  • water level indicator;
  • continuous flooding possible;
  • flooding intervals selectable between 1 and 999 minutes throughout the test program;
  • controlled water temperature from 30°C to 50°C.
During flooding, the xenon lamp can be programmed on or off. The flooding system operates with demineralised water from a closed recycling circuit so to minimize the need of demineralised water but offering the same test results of a high consumption spray system. PVC and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long life of the system. Capacity up to 50 litres.

Control system for constant irradiance, compensating for the aging of the lamp.
290 nm. optical filter for maximum UV radiation effect and numerous optional optical quartz or borosilicate filters to simulate the real exposure conditions of your product.