Instrument for control offset plates
DFP 406

Compact measuring instrument for checking offset plates and density measuring.

This instrument measures the dot area both in reflection on plate (or paper) and in transmission on film (film) using the Yule-Nielsen formula in order to eliminate the effect of optical dot gain thanks to the corrective factor N. It measures with high accuracy the dot area of lithographic plates regardless of graining, contrast and colour. This is achieved thanks to a sophisticated multidirectional reading optical system, a sensitivity detector and above all thanks to the very high resolution unique 10000 divisions between the printing and the non-printing parts of the surface. DFP 406 is the best tool for polyester-based silver plates and for all types of aluminum plates. The density reflection measurement is provided to control plate exposure and development.


  • Dot area percentage (positive) – measure dot area on plate or on paper.
  • Dot area percentage (negative) – measure dot area on reverse image plates.
  • Dot area percentage transmission - measure dot area on films.
  • Dot comparison between film and plate.
  • Density on plates or paper.
Yule-Nielsen formula with manual entry or automatic calculation of N correction factor.
LCD display, 2 lines of 8 characters.
Warm up time: none.
Robust construction, requires no maintenance.