DR 842

Mini densitometer using extremely innovative technologies.

This mini densitometer has been realized with extremely innovative technologies and solutions that allow performances up to now never found in such a compact and low cost instrument. The ultra-low-power micro-controller allows over 20000 measurements per charge. The converter with 14 bit ensures extremely high precision and repeatability so as to allow the density readings up to 3 decimal points and the dot percentage readings to 1 decimal point. The optical system developed in accordance with the ISO CD 14981 standard uses a light source of 9 LED (3 for each color), completely eliminating problems of rapid aging of the filters and of incandescent lamps, typical of densitometers of the past generation.


  • Zeroing on the white paper.
  • Auto color select.
  • Density and difference of density.
  • Working temperature from 5 ° C to 40 ° C.
  • Percentage dot area.
  • Automatic.
  • Possibility to display 3 decimal points for measurements in density.

Measuring area of 3.5 mm diameter, on request of 2 mm diameter. Complete with carrying case, AC adapter charger, calibration tablet, RS232 serial interface, operation manual.

Micro-controller ensures a low energy consumption.
Extremely high precision and repeatability of measurements.
Optical system developed in accordance with ISO CD 14981.
Calibration on a certified reference tablet or on other densitometers in a simple and rapid way.